Don't Try to Escape, My Wife!

Chapter 157 Riley, You Lunatic

After Joseph and Lucas disappeared, it was as if they completely evaporated from this world. No matter how many places Samuel searched, how many people Jason reached out to, and even with intervention from Tim and the Louis Family, there was still no news of them.

Swift still went to work every day to meet with different people and didn't show any special reaction.

Test results on the medicine bottle that Riley once held in her hand came out. It was a deadly poison that would kill anyone who touched it.

But what everyone couldn't figure out was that Swift was Riley's biological mother, so how could a mother let her daughter die?

Although many things could be attributed to Riley if she really died and everything would seem to be over, there would be no way to find the answer anymore.

Now not only was Riley not dead, but she was also missing along with two children. Not only was Samuel looking for them, but Swift was also looking for Riley. However, the three of them were never to be seen or heard of again and there was no news at all.

Nicole felt worse as the days went by. She forced herself to stay strong.

The day after Lucas disappeared, she finished revising the design drawings, and then sent them to the US head office with a computer.

The head office unanimously approved her design, and the cooperation between HJ Group and Eternal Group officially began.

Samuel was very distressed and worried as he watched Nicole work sleeplessly. But no matter how he discouraged her, Nicole did not stop.

Finally, four to five days after Lucas's disappearance, Nicole fell ill.

Samuel stayed with her every minute.

Nicole dreamed of fire and Lucas beckoning to her for help.


Nicole sat up abruptly, sweating profusely.

“Had a nightmare?”

Samuel turned on the bedside lamp.

Under the light, Nicole's eyes were erratic. Her body was sweaty and her face was sallow, making Samuel's heart ache.

“I dreamed that Lucas was being burned in the fire and every inch of his skin was burning. He was in pain. He called out, saying mommy save me. But I couldn't hold onto his hand.”

Nicole curled up as she spoke, appearing particularly in pain.

Although Samuel and Nicole lived together and lay on the same bed, Nicole couldn't sleep at all at night after Lucas's disappearance. Samuel didn't think of anything else at all; just taking care of Nicole was making him tired.

Samuel knew that Nicole was really worried about Lucas after hearing what she just said. However, he had no news at all.

“I have searched everywhere in Seapolis City and I have searched every store, but there is still no news of them. Nicole, I know you are anxious. I am anxious too. Lucas is our son and the child of the Green Family. He will be fine.”

Nicole leaned against Samuel's arms and collapsed completely.

“The last time they hid Lucas was in a beauty salon. Where will Lucas be this time?”

“I'll check, I'll definitely check.”

“Then hurry up and go! Go! Lucas is suffering right now. He must be waiting for us to save him.”

Nicole pushed Samuel like crazy.

“Well, I'll go, I'll go. Don't worry. I'll go right away!”

Samuel dressed and got out of the bed then quickly walked out.

Nicole didn't dare to delay either. She also changed her clothes and wanted to go out, but where would she look after she went out?

Nicole had no clue at all.

The bodyguards followed her, and no one dared to blink out of fear that something might happen to Nicole.

Samuel and Jacob walked in the streets and alleys, and searched everywhere, but there was still no news of Lucas.

“Mr. Green, this is unreasonable. Riley usually isn’t close with anyone and doesn’t have too many connections. How could she suddenly become so powerful that even the Green Family, the Don Family, and the Louis Family together couldn't find the people she hid? This is definitely not something we could imagine.”

Jacob connected the events that happened in the past few days and told Samuel.

“I also Know that we might have missed something, but what is it?” Samuel nodded and replied.

“Mr. Green, the other party must have taken young master Lucas away to make Mrs. Green anxious. Now I think we should guard Mrs. Green more, I'm afraid...”

Jacob's words were like medicine, and Samuel woke up suddenly.

“Go back home!”