Don't Try to Escape, My Wife!

Chapter 156 The Potion Is Toxic


When Riley saw the doctor, she grabbed the medicine tightly, thinking of drinking it as fast as possible, but was quickly stopped by the doctor, and took the medicine bottle away.


"Give it to me! Give it back!"


Riley was trying to grab it crazily.


This was her only chance to get out!


She must go out!


She couldn't stay here anymore!


It was Nicole Bush!


It must be Nicole who harmed her son!


Otherwise, how can Joseph foam at the mouth?


Riley was completely crazy at this moment. Now she did not have to pretend.


The doctor made a great effort to keep the medicine in his hand, and the guards outside the door also rushed in together, controlling Riley.


"Are you all right, doctor?"


"It's all right.”


The doctor shook his head and stared at the bottle for a while.


"How did you get this?"


Riley clenched her mouth, saying nothing, but she decided that she must go out today, and then began to act like a fool.


"My candy! Give my candy back! Give it back!"


Although she was controlled by the guards, she was still struggling with all her strength to grab the medicine in the doctor's hand.


The doctor had a glimpse at her and said to a guard, "I need to go outside and make a phone call."


"Doctor, please."


"Come back! Give me my candy! Give it to me!"


Riley did not know what was wrong with the doctor.