Don't Try to Escape, My Wife!

Chapter 158 If You Don't Want to Die, Behave Yourself

Nicole fainted from crying.


Before she saw Lucas, she could still comfort herself. Lucas still had some self-defence skills. After all, he was with Macon for a long time.

All expectations and fantasies disappeared completely the moment Riley sent her the video.


Samuel saw Nicole faint from crying, and his whole body was enveloped in a murderous aura.


“Search, even if you have to search everywhere in the Seapolis City, you have to find Riley! Also, Jacob, get a hold of Swift. Send out the message that as long as Riley does not show up for a day, I will withdraw Swift's blood for an hour. If my son loses another drop of blood, I will definitely bury Swift and the entire George Family alive!”


At this moment, Samuel was fierce and violent. He wished to destroy the whole world. All sanity was gone the moment he saw Lucas’ blood.


Samuel returned to the Green Family's house while holding Nicole.


Zama was discharged some time ago. When she saw Samuel, she wanted to step forward and say something, but she was stopped by Samuel.

“Zama, I'm not in the mood to listen to what you want to say. Nothing is as important as my son and Nicole. If you returned to stop me from being together with Nicole, then you can leave.”


After speaking, Samuel carried Nicole into the bedroom.


Seeing what Samuel was like at this time, Zama stopped talking.


“Zama, you've been part of the Green Family for a long time. You know what Mr. Green's temper is like,” said Jacob after he saw how Samuel acted.

“No matter how dissatisfied you are with Mrs. Green, young master Lucas is gone now. He is Mr. Green’s biological son. Don't make any trouble at this time now.”


Zama’s facial expression wasn't very pleasant.


She almost killed herself, but Samuel did not cut off from Nicole in any way. Now he ignored her for the sake of Nicole and Lucas.


Zama really wanted to leave and never bother with these things anymore. However, when she saw Samuel head downstairs by himself and looked like he was about to falter, she felt bad again.

“Sir, shall I go make you something to eat?”

“No, I can't eat anything.”

Samuel sat on the sofa.

Nicole fell asleep only after he forcibly gave her anti-anxiety medication.