Daddy! Mommy Is Pregnant Again

Chapter 689 Ivy Is Dead

Ivy held the tip of the mirror shard against her neck, with a crazy smile on her face as she looked at Stanley, "What do I want? I've said it before, in this world, no one can execute me, and I won't let anyone else sway my life, the only one who can kill me is myself."

She took a breath and added, "I know that I have landed myself at this point today and that the only way is death, but I will not let you sway my life, even if I die, it will be by my own hand, not yours, so Stanley, you still have not succeeded in your revenge!"

After saying that, Ivy laughed out loud before sticking the mirror directly and viciously into her neck.

She stuck deep and moved hard.

Fraser clearly saw that the mirror fragment, at least two centimeters in, the blood, even soared out along the edge of the mirror fragment, tracing an arc in the air.

And Ivy's hand was completely stained red with blood.

As the wound was too big and the blood flowed too much, Ivy's body soon couldn't support itself and fell lopsidedly onto the bed. The hand that was gripping the mirror fragment was also unable to grip it any longer and slowly let go, slumping to her side, with only the mirror fragment, still firmly inserted above her neck.

Her two eyes, however, were wide open and staring at the ceiling with dead eyes, as if she wanted to make two holes in it.

Her eyes, however, had gradually dulled, without the slightest hint of spirit.

This scene happened so fast that Stanley and Fraser froze straight away.

By the time they reacted, Ivy had already made a move on herself.

Fraser covered his mouth in surprise, “Mr. Murphy, she ......"

Stanley's pupils twitched and he did not speak, but moved his feet towards the position of the bed.

Walking to the bedside, he looked down at Ivy.

The blood on Ivy's neck was still flowing out, as if it was going to drain out.

At this moment, Stanley could already clearly feel that her life was gradually dissipating.

Ivy's consciousness was beginning to blur at the moment, but she still sensed Stanley coming next to her.

She couldn't move, she didn't have the strength, and she didn't want to move, so she just stared at the ceiling with a pair of lusterless eyes and spoke in a weak voice, "Stanley ...... For the sake of my dying, can I ask you one thing?"

Stanley's thin lips moved as if he wanted to say something, but in the end nothing came out.