Daddy! Mommy Is Pregnant Again

Chapter 690 Hurry Up and Get Out

"By the way, Stanley, do you want to report to the police about Ivy's suicide? After all, the police know that Ivy is in your hands." Violet looked at Stanley and asked.

Stanley lowered his eyes and said in a light voice, "Of course."

"And Dr. Baxter." Violet added.

Stanley frowned, "I'll have someone notify Henry later, well, let's go, there's no point in staying here anymore."

Violet gave a nod, "Okay."

She didn't want to stay here any longer either, it was really the thought of staying in the same villa with a dead man that made her feel a bit queasy.

The two left the villa and Fraser stayed behind to take care of the follow-up.

After all, Ivy's death must have required some proper handling as well. The disposal of the villa and the collection of Ivy's body all needed to be arranged.

When they returned home Bella came out, "Mr. Murphy, Mrs. Murphy, you're back."

Stanley nodded slightly in response.

Bella suddenly saw the blood on his hand and asked in surprise, "Mr. Murphy, are you hurt?"

"No, it's someone else's blood." Stanley replied.

He then went straight upstairs.

With Ivy dead, the hatred between him and Ivy would be gone.

But there were some things that he had not yet thought through and some hatred that he had not completely let go of.

He still needed, alone, to think about it and let go of it completely before he could do so.

Violet watched Stanley's figure disappear into the third floor stairwell until he was completely out of sight before she looked down and withdrew her gaze.

Bella looked at Violet in confusion, "Mrs. Murphy, what's wrong with Mr. Murphy? Why does he feel in a bit of a bad mood?"

"He is indeed in a bit of a bad mood because he didn't avenge himself, but his enemy died, it is a feeling that made him think about it." Violet said with a sigh.