Daddy! Mommy Is Pregnant Again

Chapter 688 A Final Account

"Vera!" Miranda responded.

Afterwards, Vera could no longer hold herself together and ran towards Miranda in tears, hugging her and saying sorry over and over again.

She really knew she was wrong to blindly trust someone who wouldn't even show her face and to take the blame for her.

Yet what did she get in the end?

She got nothing, not only did she spend six months in jail for nothing, the man didn't even help her family pay their debts like she said she would.

So, her six months in jail were completely wasted, and more than that, she made her mother so sad that she had been trying to look for someone to save her.

Even her brother was bullied by those kids at school.

She was really wrong, so wrong!

"I'm sorry, Mom, I'm sorry." Vera lay on Miranda's knee, crying tears of sadness, self-recrimination and guilt.

It was true that Miranda was angry with her, but the reason her daughter was to pay off the family's debts.

So no matter how angry or annoyed Miranda was, she would not push her daughter away, let alone give up on her.

Otherwise she would not have struggled to find a way to get her out.

Violet leaned against the side of the car, just quietly watching the mother and daughter hugging each other, without going up to disturb them.

It was only after a long time that Miranda thought of Violet, and only then did she gently pat Vera's shoulder, signaling for her to stop crying and get up.

Vera wiped her tears and stood up from the floor.

Miranda took her hand, "Vera, go, go over with me to meet Mrs. Murphy."