Can't stop loving you

Chapter 200 Why Not Be Well-behaved When Pregnant

"Wait!" Sandra rushed downstairs and grabbed the chopsticks from her hand. "You're pregnant. You must pay special attention to what you eat. You must ask someone to check it before eating."

A frown formed on Viola's face, as she didn't think it was a big deal. "This noodle was prepared by Mr. Chu. It isn't poisoned at all. I don't think there is any need to have an examination."

All of a sudden, Sandra's eyes fell on Maynard. She asked with uncertainty and doubt, "Mr. Chu, is what she said true?"

Maynard frowned and answered coldly.

Sandra was shocked to hear that. She bit her lips and looked at Viola out of the corner of her eyes. She suddenly pointed her finger at her. "How dare you let him cook for you. Don't you know whether you deserve it or not?"

Hearing that, a provocative smile appeared on Viola's face. "This bowl of noodles looks delicious. I don't like it. Maybe it is poisoned."

"How could you be so impolite?" Sandra was so angry that she pounded the table. "Is this your attitude towards an elder?"

Viola nodded slowly with a pale face. She put on a false smile and said, "Respect is mutual. If you don't like me, you don't like me whatever I do."

"Wow, you are really from a small place with all kinds of fallacies." Sandra sneered.

"Enough!" Maynard closed the magazine in his hand and said in a neither too fast nor too slow voice, "She's pregnant now. Anger will affect the baby in her belly."

Sandra glanced at Viola with dissatisfaction and went upstairs in a rage.

It seemed that Viola didn't know Maynard at all. She walked around him, but when she got far away, she shook her head and said, "There's something wrong with you. It's not like you at all."

To confirm that the man in front of her was not replaced, she stretched out her hand and pinched his face.

She checked it three times and found that it was a real face instead of a human skin mask. She was so shocked.