Can't stop loving you

Chapter 201 Have You Met Chol

As soon as she noticed that the atmosphere in the room was rising sharply, Viola got off Maynard's body first and put on her shoes in a hurry.

With a little embarrassment on her face, she covered her mouth with her hand and gave a little cough. "It's not my fault. Mr. Chu had a physiological reaction after waking up in the morning, which I was forced by him."

Afraid of killed by Sandra's ferocious gaze, she pointed that it was Maynard's mistake.

Hearing that, Maynard sat up straight, while his face turned completely dark. Pointing at the teeth mark on his throat, he gritted his teeth and said word by word, "Reporter Qi, you're too enthusiastic. I've tried my best."

A chill came over Viola's back. She could feel the murderous will, which made her scalp tingle in an instant.

A crafty and evil smile appeared on Maynard's face as he walked into the washing room, without realizing that he had caused any trouble for her.

Turning around mechanically, Viola put on a false smile and waved to Sandra. "Good morning."

"Come down to have breakfast." Sandra gave her a cold look and went downstairs as if nothing had happened.

The smile on her face disappeared. Viola forced herself to cheer up and went downstairs.

When she saw six dark dishes on the table, she swallowed hard and said, "They What is it? "

"Have some of the maternity food I made for you." Sandra pulled out the chair and sat down expressionlessly.

Standing still for a long time, Viola didn't dare to look at the food listed on the menu.

"Hurry up. Why are you still standing there?" Sandra frowned and looked very impatient.

Standing still, Viola didn't respond for a long time.

After a long time, she came to herself. She pointed at the door behind her and said, "It's getting late. I have to go to work."

"Wait!" Sandra stood in front of her and stopped her. "Just stay in the villa and have a baby. We don't lack your money."

Blue veins stood out on her forehead, and her last sanity vanished without a trace. Viola was on the verge of breaking down completely. She went upstairs and shouted: "Mr. Chu!"

"What is it?" Maynard wore a tailored black suit and a tie, coming downstairs.