Can't stop loving you

Chapter 199 You Have Never Had A Child

Before Viola had time to eat, she was "invited" out of the community by Ann, seemingly polite but without hesitation.

She wandered the roadside and found that the world was big and she had no way to go.

As it was getting dark, she had to find a hotel to make herself up for several days and went back when Ann was not so angry.

A few steps forward, her phone rang in the bag.

She stopped and took out her cell phone, only to find that the number was very strange. She hesitated for two seconds and then answered, "Who's that?"

"Miss Qi, I am Miss Wu, the servant of the villa. Can you come back?"

Viola thought it would be Maynard's idea, so she blurted out without thinking, "I won't go back."

"Miss Qi, you don't have to do this." The maid Miss Wu's sigh came through the phone, "It's useless to escape. An ugly daughter-in-law has to meet her parents in law."


Viola was so shocked that she dropped her phone to the ground.

Maynard's mother passed away, so

What she meant was that Viola would see Maynard's father, the king of X Country?

She stooped down, picked up her phone and started to run. She planned to go home as fast as possible, and as soon as she got her stuff, she would take Ann to escape.

She wanted to run away and just put it into practice. Dozens of super dazzling lights called her as if they had reached a tacit agreement.

Her eyes were aching. Viola closed her eyes instinctively and blocked in front of her eyes to make herself not so uncomfortable.

She heard many cars driving towards her from all directions. Just when she thought they were going to hit her to death, all the cars stopped one meter away from her.

All of a sudden, the bright light was turned off.