Can't stop loving you

Chapter 165 Am I Going To Die

Ignoring what she said, Maynard put her on the bed, rolled over to the inner side of the wall, took off the quilt and lay in the bed.

Viola was startled. She trembled and pointed at him. "Maynard, don't go too far!"

With one of his big hands, Maynard pulled her into the bed and put the other hand around her waist. "Don't be naughty," he said

Viola yelled.

However, she didn't expect that everything turned black in front of her. Her body trembled and she clung to him tightly like a vine, intending to rip him off. "Is it out of power or am I blind?"

Maynard laughed softly. Pulling her arm away, he was about to stand up. "The power is off. Forget it. I'll go back to my room to sleep!"

With her hands and feet pressing on him, Viola rubbed him with all her strength. "Don't go!"

Maynard snorted and gritted his teeth. "You're seducing me!"

Suddenly, a big hand stopped on her. At this moment, Viola was pressed down by Maynard, who supported her with one hand at the side of the bed.

They had the same breathing; she could smell the light smell of tobacco in his body, and he could smell the fragrant shampoo in her hair

Surrounded by warm and masculine air, she felt very uncomfortable. "I I didn't mean to HMM... "

But her lips sealed before she could finish her words

Because of the fact that Viola was pregnant, Maynard didn't finish his last step, but she was so embarrassed that she wanted to bury herself in a hole in the ground.

Because she was again molested by Maynard, she grasped the quilt and rolled over in anger. It was not until midnight that she fell asleep

The first ray of sunshine came in through the window in the morning. Viola's long curly eyelashes trembled a little, and she slowly opened her eyes.

Unconsciously, the scene that happened last night flashed through her mind. Her cheeks were red, not knowing whether due to anger or shyness.