Can't stop loving you

Chapter 164 Shielding

The phone in his pocket fell to the ground.

Viola bent down to pick it up for him, and at that moment, his cell phone screen lit up, and she saw someone was calling.

She hastily handed the phone over to Harrison and said, "This is your call."

"Who is it?" Harrison was so impatient that he answered the phone without even looking at the number shown on the screen——

"Harrison! You bastard! " Her loud and hoarse voice kept ringing in the phone just like a big bomb, "You said you would take your younger sister home as soon as you arrived at A City! It's not done yet. You useless thing! "

Everyone in the villa could hear what she said clearly because the sound of his phone was very loud. .

When Bernard's cellphone dropped to the ground, Maynard stopped his hand, which was turning over the magazine. Viola was so angry that her face turned red. She poured a glass of water and splashed it on Harrison

Like in the restaurant, Harrison was splashed all over again. He jumped up suddenly and his whole body was like a drowned rat, dripping water all over.

He opened his mouth and wanted to curse, but when he realized that his mobile phone had a fatal flaw, his expression changed. He hung up the phone as fast as he could.

"Listen to me..."

Putting her hands around her chest, Viola put on a cold face and smirked, "You'd better tell me honestly what you want to do on earth."

Maynard said casually while turning a page of the magazine. "If I find out that you are lying, you may not be able to see the sun tomorrow."

Harrison trembled uncontrollably with fear.

"What can I do?" He even had no time to wipe the water on his face. He knelt on the ground and told them with tears in his eyes. "In fact, after giving Mr. Huang's money back last time, he harbored an evil intention and continued to ask me to gamble. As a result, I owe money again Ah! "

Before his voice died away, Harrison was knocked down to the ground by a punch from Maynard. His nose was bleeding, and he gave out a loud snort like a pig being killed.

At the sight of that a life was about to come to an end as a result of fighting more violently, Viola hastily walked forward and stopped him. "Mr. Chu, calm down. Impulsion is devil."