Can't stop loving you

Chapter 166 If You Refuse, I Will Be Rude

Viola even couldn't wait to go outside. She even closed the door. With her back to the door, she took out her mobile phone and dialed 110

When she was about to dial the number, her hand was hung up.

"Are you going to ask the police for a cup of tea?"

Two men appeared behind her and one of them said gloomily.

A cold sweat kept running down from her back. She turned around stiffly and said in a serious tone, "How could it be? I accidentally pressed the wrong key. My eyes were not good."

The man in the orange T-shirt spat on the ground and threw her phone away from the window.

"I don't care whether you look good or not, you will be the boss's woman sooner or later." One of them was a bald man with a mole over his head. He was laughing so lewdly.

Viola wanted to open her mouth to scream, but she was quickly covered by someone. She could not make a sound for help, so she could only be taken back to the room by the two men.

Being thrown onto the sofa, Viola hit her head on the sofa, which made her dizzy again.

"You want to call the police, Viola. You really disappoint me." Mr. Huang looked down at her and grinned, showing his yellow teeth. "In order to prevent her from playing tricks, you tie her up for me!"

Before she could react, her hands were tied on her legs and feet with a rope that she didn't know where to find.

With her pupils shrinking, she opened her mouth and wanted to shout for help——

"If you dare shout, I'll get a smelly socks to cover your mouth."

Mr. Huang threatened her fiercely.

A feeling of nausea came over her.

"Tell me, what is wrong with you? Come with me to have a rich life." Mr. Huang stared at her pale face and made an eye contact with his subordinates.

The two of them took the hint and brought the instant noodles to the balcony.