Can't stop loving you

Chapter 97 Jump Into The Sea

"I got what you wanted. Are you happy now? Are you satisfied?"

Almost as soon as they arrived at the parking lot of The Sea of Blue Sky, Viola got off the car, jumping angrily.

Now, she was unable to get through this.

"As you please." Maynard raised his eyebrows and provoked her.

She almost fell down.

She shook the cold handcuffs in her hands and urged him, "Maynard, take out the key in a hurry to unlock the handcuffs on your hand."

Hearing that, Maynard's dark eyes blinked but he didn't change the color of his face. "We won't be able to open the door until we arrive at the wedding place where Zarian and Ivy hold their wedding ceremony," he said

Taking a deep breath, she reminded him with a pretended good temper, "If others see it, do you think we can get in?"

"Are you satisfied now?" Maynard locked her fingers with his. Then he took out a handkerchief from his pocket and tied it around their hands.

Viola angrily looked at the handkerchief which covered the handcuffs on their hands. She had no choice but to bear it.

They got on a luxury cruise ship and arrived at the seaside island. Viola and Maynard got off the ship in succession.

Stepping on the white sand, she saw the blue water and the golden sunlight shining on her fingertips.

A few steps away, Viola saw a most elegant, pure white villa with the highest design, surrounded by sea.

Roses and lilies were decorated outside the window. Colorful balloons were flying in the air. Many honorable people came in one after another.

Taking out her cell phone and taking pictures, she exclaimed, "The tallest one must be a sea villa on the sea for a wedding. It's said that there are 32 floors. Holding a wedding here alone costs more than 20 million. It's too expensive."

"You can also attend your wedding in the future." Maynard raised his eyes to take a look at them. There was no emotion of surprise in his calm eyes.

Viola put a few of her most stylish photos. Hearing his words, she rolled her eyes and put on a sad face. "I don't want to go to the seaside in the future. Instead, I have to Why should I tell you so much? "

Suddenly, a light bulb went off in her mind. She didn't speak out.