Can't stop loving you

Chapter 96 Pretty

Should I add or not?

At the thought of whether to be her friend or not, she was struggling in her heart.

When she hesitated, she heard footsteps from outside the door. She was so scared that her hand trembled and put the phone on the table.

As a result, the sound of footsteps was heard when she entered the ward next to Viola's.

It turned out that her hand trembled to add when she was not careful just now, but the system had reminded her, "I'm sending the application message to you.".

Viola went crazy and pressed the retreat button desperately, trying to cancel it, but it was too late, and the message had already been sent.

"Oh my God! What the hell is wrong with this place?" Viola wanted to slap herself, but she finally didn't want to.

Feeling like weeping but having no tears, she thought of some whimsical speculation. "This must be a fake. She dared to rob me of beautiful women and swindle me of money, so she used the net name of that domineering one."

Though she comforted herself in this way, she was still afraid. She threw away the phone and pulled over the quilt to cover her sad face.

A few moments later, her phone rang.

Viola was tossing and turning in bed restlessly.

With her hands folded in front of her chest, she prayed to God that it was definitely not him. After praying for more than ten times, out of her curiosity, she opened the QQ. The system informed her that the CEO of the Chu Group agreed her to be a friend and added her to the list.

A big headache came over Viola, but she was somehow relieved. If it was the arrogant Maynard, he wouldn't have agreed to be her friend.

She had added two words, "hello" in the dialog box, but she deleted them before she sent them out because she didn't want to have a chat with them.

A new sentence was sent out by Viola. "Who are you? How dare you pretend to be Mr. Chu? Wait and see!"

Then she thought that she was not a gangster and had to delete the photo. Just when she was about to have a headache, she received a message from the CEO of the Chu Group——

"What's the matter?"

Looking at this simple message, Viola could not help but typed and sent it to him. "Mr. Chu, long time no see. I'm your ex-girlfriend Lois."

After the message was sent out, Viola chuckled and said, "Even if it is Maynard himself, so what? He doesn't know who I am."