Can't stop loving you

Chapter 95 The CEO Of The Chu Group

Upon hearing this, Zarian and Ivy walked to the wall. With a nervous look on their faces, they glanced at Viola and then turned cold at once.

Obviously, it was a provocation. Gritting her teeth with hatred, she said, "I've gone too far? I just invited her to attend our wedding. That's all! "

A guilty look appeared on Zarian's face when he saw the anger burning in Viola's eyes. Viola roared, "You are such a bitch!"

"Don't try to deceive me. That's all because of you!" She was so excited that she grabbed his collar with her eyes turning red.

With a blank face, Zarian said coldly, "You deserve it. It's all your fault for what is happening now."

Noticing that they were getting more and more quarreling, she could not bear to see them quarrel. "You two, stop quarreling."

No one could stand another quarrel.

Ivy gave him a cold stare, her eyes blazing with anger. "We quarreled because of you. Mind your own business!"

Viola scratched her hair and couldn't stand it anymore. She raised her hand and pressed the call bell.

Soon, the nurse came in.

Viola covered her forehead, looking very tired. "Miss, please help me ask them out. I am dizzy and need to rest."

The nurse looked at them, with a little disapproval in her eyes. "Lady and gentleman, this is hospital. All patients need a quiet environment. Please talk to the outside."

Paying no attention to others at all, she yelled, "You seduced other's man, right! If it weren't for you, I wouldn't be so noisy here. "

A light smile appeared on Viola's face. She said, "So it's all my fault."

People passing by the corridor outside heard it, and two people were watching at the open door of the ward.

"Of course it's your fault!" Ivy blurted out without thinking.