Can't stop loving you

Chapter 98 An Unexpected Accident

Looking at the blue sea water, Viola felt dizzy. "Am I going to die here today?"

The veins on Maynard's forehead bulged.

"Cut the crap. Give me your left hand." Maynard extended the other hand to her.

Viola looked at his hand and handed the other hand to him obediently.

As a result, Maynard pulled her with great force and got her out of the water with all his strength.

Though trembling with fear, she finally regained her composure as she landed on the ground.

She excitedly put her arms around Maynard's broken arm and cried with joy. "That's great. I'm saved."

Maynard held her into his arms and sneered coldly, "Being so careless like you, I really don't understand how you can live till now."

Viola pushed him away and glared at him. "If it weren't for you, I wouldn't have died."

"Oh, really?" With a cold expression in his eyes, Maynard threatened, "If you keep on arguing, we two jump into the sea."

Viol clapped her hands and exclaimed, "Chief Chu, you even know that you perish together with me. You are really a very dark person."

Instead of getting angry, Maynard laughed and said in a low voice, "I'm better than some people. Their hair is long and they have little brains."

Viola snorted. She lifted a chair and sat down. Then she took out her cell phone to play games.

Maynard casually took out his mobile phone and called Julie to arrange something.

In the lounge, both of them were busy with their own things, and the atmosphere got a temporary peace.

During this time, Viola spared some time to check the time. Because the wedding ceremony began at two o'clock in the afternoon, she checked the time and found that it had been three hours since the ceremony had begun.


Without raising her head, Viola was immersed in entertaining herself. "Come in, please."

A man in a silver suit came in, with his arm around a pretty woman.

Viola took time to look up. The man was not handsome enough, but the light in his eyes was evil and somewhat uncomfortable.

As for the woman he was holding, it was Jamie Lin, the most popular model at present.