Can't stop loving you

Chapter 22 Mr. Chu Got Angry

A slight smile played on Viola's face. She put down the water in her hand and sat down, "You should know that. You took the porridge from my hand and brought it to Mr. Chu."

"Really?" Maynard looked at them playfully.

"Maynard, she's talking nonsense. I just brought it to you, but I don't know what she had put in it. She's vomiting like that," Biting her lower lip, Elly looked delicate and touching.

With her hands on her arms, Viola blurted out something unconsciously, "Who said I vomited because the porridge is poisoned? Or maybe I am pregnant?"

As if it was not a big deal, she shot a look at the direction of Maynard.

"What!" Elly screamed as if she was hit by lighting.

Realizing that she made up an excuse, it was too late to regret.

At the same time, Maynard walked in front of her and pulled her up.

A sharp pain came from her chin. Her face crumpled.

"You said you are pregnant?" Maynard narrowed his sharp eyes.

"Although I have no appetite and what I eat lately, being pregnant is just my guess, I can't take it seriously," said Viola, trying to put a restraint on the lingering fear in her heart.

Maynard cast a casual glance at her, let go of her chin and called in the butler. "Call Dr. George and tell him to come to the villa this afternoon."

"Yes, Mr. Chu." The Butler didn't ask more, and respectfully left. He just glanced at Viola.

With her eyelids twitching, Viola asked worriedly, "Mr. Chu, what's wrong with you? Did you call the doctor?"

"You said that you are pregnant. I will call a private doctor to check up for you." There was no expression on Maynard's cold and handsome face, but more complicated emotions in his eyes when he looked at her.