Can't stop loving you

Chapter 21 Getting Pregnant

Noticing that he stressed the word "tame", she had a strong urge to run away.

She got stuck in a pickle in her mind for a moment. The hand drooping on her side tightened. She compressed her lips and said, "Mr. Chu, I understand what you mean. I will cook the porridge very well."

She was unsettled, but she didn't know that there was someone more unsettled than her.

"Brother, what punishment are you talking about?"

Cruelty and curiosity filled Elly's eyes.

Maynard stood up and undid the top two buttons, revealing his wheat skin.

He raised his head slowly and glanced at Viola. His voice was as low and pleasant as an elegant Violoncello. "You understand."

Though a little embarrassed, Viola stammered, " She couldn't help but laugh out loud Your joke is so cold. "

She wanted to slap him to death.

His woman was casting greedy eyes on him, but he said something that would make people misunderstand him. He thought that she had not lived a hard life.

Viola quickly put the cooked porridge in a bowl, rolled her eyes and ran to the corner of the monitor.

Looking around, when nobody was around, she took out a bottle of salt secretly from her jeans pocket and looked at the porridge in her bowl hesitantly.

If she were to throw the whole bottle in, would it be a crime against her?

With more salt, even if they were found out, she would be kicked out That's all, right?

She was struggling in her heart, and did not notice that Elly's quiet footsteps approached her from behind, and took away the salt from her unexpectedly.

The bowl of porridge in her right hand was taken away, which scared her very much. Her left hand trembled and almost made the porridge spill to the ground.