Can't stop loving you

Chapter 23 Negotiating With CEO

Still, Viola didn't dare to look at Maynard.

"Elly, you go out first." Maynard said all of a sudden.

"Maynard." Elly was not willing at all.

"Get out!" Maynard raised his tone, and his cold and ruthless voice was unquestionable.

Tears welled up in her eyes. Elly felt wronged but she didn't dare to show it.

As soon as she left, Viola saw Maynard approaching her with a gloomy face. She shivered with fear.

She instinctively started to retreat. Her legs hit the sofa at the back and she fell down on it due to her weakness.

She supported herself with hands on the sofa, stood up and ran into the bathroom on the first floor. "Bang!" the door was shut and locked from the inside quickly.

Viola leaned against the door and panted nervously.

"Viola, open the door!" Maynard said in a restrained and angry voice outside the door.

Then, a sound of twisting came from the handle of the door outside. Leaning against the door, Viola took a few steps back as if she got an electric shock. She said in a trembling voice, "I won't open it!" If she opened the door, it was hard to say whether she would be alive.

Luckily, the door was locked from inside.

Maynard's sneering voice came through the door. "You dare to lie, Viola!"

At the thought of Maynard's furious face, Viola couldn't help shivering. She decided to risk it and tried to negotiate with him, "I can open the door for you, but you can't touch me. You have to cooperate with my interview in a good attitude."

"Okay! Good! Okay! "

A big smile crept on her face when she heard the three words. She thought she could be saved this time.

She was overjoyed. She closed the door and asked, "Mr. Chu, did you agree?"

"You are ugly but have a wish."