Can't stop loving you

Chapter 20 In Front Of The Surveillance

She secretly decided to put the laundry detergent into his bowl and eat him to death.

"By the way, we have surveillance system in the kitchen. Don't put anything else when you cook." Maynard warned her in a serious tone as if he had discovered something.

Swallowing hard, Viola said with fear and trepidation, "Of course, you have to eat at ease."

She chased away all the thoughts in her mind.

Viola walked into the kitchen and found the lowest layer of chicken, duck, fish and meat in the fridge. Her mouth twitched slightly.

When she went upward, she saw vegetables with green pepper. She felt a little awkward and didn't know what to do.

"Miss Qi, do you need my help?"

Just as Viola was not sure what to do, Elly walked into the kitchen.

Not knowing why she was here, Viola felt flattered and shook her head. "No need. You are so hospitable. As Mr. Chu said, I have to do it myself."

She glanced at the monitoring unwillingly.

Seeing the red light of the surveillance camera, she suddenly felt that it was more difficult to play tricks under his eyes.

She couldn't help but sigh deeply with distress.

"Miss. Qi, you are so kind and kindhearted." Elly commented.

Viola was puzzled, "Thank you, Miss Xia."

"Miss Qi, I have a question that I am really curious about before." Leaning against the door of the fridge with her head tilting to one side, she said in an innocent tone, "In front of the surveillance camera, tell me whether you like Maynard or not."

Upon hearing this, a shadow passed over on her face. She took a look at the surveillance video, and since she had some scruples, she decided to act dumb. "Well, it's a long story. Besides, it's not time to be garrulous. I need to cook now."