Can't stop loving you

Chapter 19 Our Baby And I Miss You

"I'm earning hundreds of millions every day. Do you think I'll make any mistakes on such a trifle?" Maynard lifted his tails, giving off a dangerous aura.

A small and forced smile broke across her face. She sat down on the sofa opposite to Maynard and said, "Mr. Chu, this is not the point. The point isn't that I don't want to cook."

"Really?" Maynard sneered. "If you don't do it, that's fine. I plan to change another group of professional reporters. They will be very happy to cook for me. As for you, it's up to you chief editor."

'let Stephanie take care of me? He would definitely take the chance to destroy her and throw her away to interview some snake raising experts and so on

When she thought of this, she changed her attitude totally and said, "No, I think what you said makes sense. If it is something that other people can do, I will do it for you immediately. Wait for me."

Maynard looked at her with a faint smile.

The housekeeper came in and bowed. "Young master, Elly Xia is here."

On hearing this name, which was obviously a woman's, Viola quickly concentrated on the patient.

"Invite her in." Maynard covered his mouth with his hand and coughed.

Just as she was guessing what kind of relationship they were, she saw the woman the housekeeper was going to invite walked in with a 8 cm stiletto, a red knee length dress floating slightly, her long straight hair hanging down behind her. She had an oval face, wearing makeup even more solid than her face.

She looked so pure.