Can't stop loving you

Chapter 6 Locked In Warehouse

When the laptop flew out and hit Maynard in the head, Viola's brain went blank all of a sudden.

The whole house was so quiet that even the sound of wind blowing over the treetops could be heard clearly.

She froze for two seconds, ran up, picked up her notebook and held it in her arms. Then she stood on tiptoe and touched Maynard's head, which was a head a lot taller than her. With a flattering smile on her face, she said, "Are you okay? Does it still hurt? Shall I call the ambulance?"

'How brilliant he is! I can't afford to lose my life!' thought she.

Maynard pulled her hand down and smiled grimly.

It seemed that he didn't show any signs of being angry or cursing anybody. Such a great comfort to her, Viola thought that he was not going to investigate the matter.

Just when she was complacent about her escape from that crisis, Maynard dialed the number of the telephone. The bodyguards in uniform pushed the door of the suite and entered the room.

"Arrest her!" Maynard said coldly.

"What the hell are you doing? Let go of me!" shouted Viola.

The only answer was that a bodyguard grabbed her backward hands.

She was so painful that her face turned pale. The laptop fell back to the ground.

Then, the other bodyguard took out a pair of shining cold handcuffs from nowhere and locked them on her hands.