Can't stop loving you

Chapter 5 Are You Kidding Me

When Viola arrived at the Chu group, she showed the employee of the reception desk a reporter's card. As if she had known it beforehand, the staff at the reception desk asked her to come up with a decent smile at the corners of her mouth.

The beautiful receptionist called them as soon as Viola left.

Viola came out of the electric building, turned a corner and came to the door of the CEO's office. She raised her hand and knocked on the glass door.

The wall and door of the CEO's office were all replaced by white glasses. Because of the special materials of the office, Viola could not see the scene inside from the outside.

"Come in."

After a while, she heard a familiar and annoying voice from the room. She took a deep breath, endured the pain in the foot, and swaggered into the room.

Then she asked bluntly, "Maynard, have you finished? If I can't irritate you, why can't I hide? I am a good citizen and have no enmity with you. Don't you feel embarrassed to embarrass me, a weak woman? "

Maynard signed on a document, put aside the guide pen, closed it, and glared at her with both joy and anger. "Is that enough?"

Upon hearing this, Viola trembled in anger and asked, "Tell me, what are you going to do to make me get away with it?"

"Apologize." Maynard leaned back on the chair and said in a low voice.

Viola pointed at herself, staring at him, "I apologize to you? Why? "

Maynard stood up and walked around the desk to her. With a faint smile on his face, he said, "It seems that you have forgotten that. I'm just reminding you."