Can't stop loving you

Chapter 7 Fruitless Efforts

There were still two hours before she got off work from the magazine office, so Viola was called back to the magazine office by the chief editor.

The moment she stepped into the chief editor's office, Stephanie asked bluntly without raising her head, "How was the interview?"

Due to her embarrassment, Viola avoided eye contact with her. "The chief editor, you don't know. Mr. Chu is so busy that he doesn't have time to answer any question."

This was not an answer at all. It seemed that he didn't want to cooperate at all.

"Viola! What's wrong with you? " Stephanie slammed her hand on the table and stood up. "You've got into the Chu group successfully. Now tell me you got nothing. Do you think me fool?"

Feeling a sense of homicidal, Viola stepped back subconsciously. "Please listen to me, chief editor. Mr. Chu is too busy to attend to me. I have no other choice."

"Busy? Who isn't busy? " Stephanie stared at her, exasperated at her failure. "Aren't you acquainted with the CEO? There's nothing you can't handle to act like a spoiled child in front of him."

Her intuition told her that there must be something between them.

Just thinking about the scene like that, Viola felt very embarrassed. "I'm not familiar with Mr. Chu, chief editor. If I do as you said, he will kill me," she drew a long face.

She removed the goose bumps on her arms and made a gesture of rubbing her nose.

The scene of her being locked in the warehouse was still vivid in her mind.

"Haha." But Stephanie didn't believe him. She threw the last shot. "No matter what means you use, you have to make an interview successfully. Otherwise, you'll be back to the base for years."

So Viola is out.