Can't stop loving you

Chapter 4 You Can't Escape

Did I do a good job? Make persistent efforts?

Viola pinched her arm and tried to calm down. "Chief, this is definitely a trick, isn't it?"

Stephanie cast her a cold glance and said, "Are you doubting I was joking? Or are you suspecting that Maynard, the top of the pyramid, has some ulterior motives? "

A few moments later, Viola forced a smile and shook her head. "No, no, I'm thinking too much. But, chief editor, I'm a dumb, careless person. How about giving this opportunity to our colleagues?"

She really didn't want to see that man. It was so hard for her to escape. If she was caught by him again, the consequences would be unimaginable.

"Didn't you say that you would make amends for your previous faults by good deeds?" Stephanie's eyes flashed with sarcasm. "It's a chance. I wonder how lucky you were to interview him."

The smile on Viola's face froze. She glanced at her cautiously and said, "Chief editor, you see, I'm afraid that I will screw it up and deduct all my salary. If you change to another person, I won't get it."

She put her palms together and bowed to beg.

Zachary Zhang remained silent for two seconds. He felt touched and his face softened. "Then I'll call him to ask if you're waiting here."

Upon hearing the first half sentence, Viola smiled happily. When she heard the second half sentence, she felt her face was as cold as eggplant.

As soon as the line was connected, Viola saw that Stephanie turned around and asked in a friendly voice as if she had changed herself, "Mr. Chu, I'm afraid that she can't handle it well. I think she's in a dilemma. Would you like to change to another person?"