Can't stop loving you

Chapter 3 Coming In For You

As much as Viola didn't want to come back here, she had no other choice. She looked around the room quietly, and saw her reporter ID on the massive bed.

Viola heaved a sigh of relief.

God knew how panicked she felt when she realized it was missing. There was only one place where she could have left it that day, and it was a miracle that it was still there.

After grabbing her ID, she turned to leave as quickly as possible.

She had just taken two steps when an alarm suddenly rang loudly. It was so loud that Viola jumped from fright.

Over a dozen bodyguards, all in black suits, swarmed inside the suite.

With nowhere else to go, Viola had her back to the window.

"Wait! Don't come any closer!" she shouted.

Just then, Maynard appeared. The bodyguards respectfully stood up straight and made way for him.

"I advise you to give up right now. There's nowhere to run," Maynard said indifferently.

With her teeth clenched, Viola realized that she had been like a careless fish who took the bait Maynard had thrown.

Her face turned red from anger. "You bastard!" she shouted, and quickly turned to climb out the window.

"Arrest her!" Maynard ordered with a wave of his hand.