You Belong To Me

Chapter 552 : Leave this Country

Taiga's Mansion,

Taiga : Come on sit.. You both (Taiga sits on the couch with his legs crossed arms resting on the backrest)

Jonas : Taiga... There is something wrong here.. Look (sitting before him) Disha knew Andrew before you, but they both were trying to help you.

Taiga : Help me from.. Whom?

Jonas : I.. we (Justin steps in)

Justin : From the eagles..

Taiga : Oh!! so thats the reason she had s*x with me.... To stop me from the meeting... (Jonas looking confused)... I know that Jo.... I didn't check any of the recordings from my room, I thought it will not be good...Since I trusted her.

And then I saw this yesterday.. She wearing a microphone in her ear... Talking to someone... He was in her ears when she was sleeping with me... wow... No, husband will get this type of surprises. (smiles)...

Justin : Actually, Jonas didn't know anything about this. (Jonas Stares at Justin)... He have nothing to do with this.. In fact he was trying to stop us.. But...

Taiga : Oh... Do you think I will believe this.. Am I looking that fool to you.

Justin : He did everything in our compulsion Taiga... That's the truth. Whether you believe it or not, that's the truth. We were trying to stop the war and wants to save his brother... That's why he helped us.. That's it.

and Jonas follows him

In the car,

Why did you stop

you Middeled in that girl married a man who

But now she

will be sad but only for few years that's

Why.. Why did you lie to him about me.. I clearly

protect your brother... Jo.. He needs someone right now.. It must be only you.. You know him very well than

: What about Disha... (Justin


from her sleep)

coffee cup on the table and helping her to sit) Careful.. How are you feeling now (sitting next to her)

: Good (stays

I will make breakfast for you.. Give me a sec.. (Turning

: Sorry for troubling you

Disha.. There is

Lina running

: Bro, I brought some


idiot throw that

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