You Belong To Me

Chapter 551 : Next Chapter

Few hours later,

Disha's POV,

I didn't think I would come here again... I have no one other than him.

(Standing in front of a house fully drenched)

Knock!! Knock!!

Let me check... You guys, don't resume the video, I will put salt in your foods if you did..(laughs) I swear.

(Opening the door and standing in shock)

Di.. Disha?

Disha : (low tone) P.. Ple.. Please.. Help.. Me..

Come on in!... Oh my god... You are fully wet.. What happen.

Disha : Am sorry Charles (falls down the floor)

Charles : GUYS... Come here... Soon.

Pete : Hey dood.. Why are you shouting... Oh my god Disha... (Helping Charles to carry her) Cassy, bring some towels and new clothes.

Cassy : What the hell happened...

Lina : Oh God... Here.. Here.. Towels..

(Cassy wiping Disha)

Charles : The hell! she is burning... Pete, we have to take her to the doctor...

Cassy : No, need for that.