Wolf President Hooks Up

Chapter 15: Master Young Treats You So Well

“Oh my God, it’s so heavy… Are the guests in the room hippocampus, why do they drink so much. It looks like I have to strengthen my arm in the future…” Elaine was walking along the corridor, her small face looked blankly at the door number. Suddenly, a person popped out and bumped into her.

“Ahh…” Elaine yelled continuously.

Then, the sound of glasses breaking. The bottles of wine hit the ground, half of the bottles were broken. Even the tray in Elaine’s hand flew down.

Elaine was shocked for a few seconds, and then stomped her feet, with the tone of a kid, she yelled at the man who was in a daze as well. “Why are you like this! Don’t you see where you’re going? I was carrying all this stuff, were you holding it too? Did you want to bang me to death! There’s also nothing much, is it hard to you see where you’re going! What to do now, how!! These wines are all so expensive! You pay! You’ll pay! You’ll pay it all!!!”

The sharp voice made the man completely stunned. Other employees gathered around, pint pointing, which means that the 514 girl was unfortunate as the wines cost more than tens of thousands.

Elaine heard what her colleagues said, and felt even more wronged, her eyes were teary as she tried to hold it back.

“Oliver, what’s wrong? Why did you stop here? Everyone inside is waiting for you! The girl you booked is also ready…” At this time, Fifth Brother, who was the nightclub owner, came and patted on Oliver’s shoulder. Following Oliver’s eyes, he saw Elaine and the pile of broken glasses.

When the rest of the staff saw it was Fifth Brother, they scattered away like frightened mice.

Fifth Brother frowned, and roared fiercely at Elaine, “What’s the matter with you? How can you shout at the esteemed guests? Didn’t you learn the rules before coming to work? Do you want to die! Damn it! You’re trying to ruin my reputation, I’ll destroy your whole family! Hurry up and apologize to Master Young! Quick! Still standing like a block for what! How much is crying worth!”

Elaine was paralyzed by the shouting of Fifth Brother, who was like a fierce crocodile. Her body trembled slightly, and her tears were dripping down. Her little lips were shaking as well, sobbing, “It was because he didn’t see the front and knock into me!”

“You dare to talk back!” Fifth Brother growled, raising his arms fiercely, about to slap Elaine’s face.

“Fifth Brother! Wait a minute!” Oliver held on to Fifth Brother’s wrist, quickly glanced at the shaking Elaine, who was still crying. He smiled brightly at Fifth Brother and said, “Fifth Brother, this time it’s really my fault. I walked too fast and almost knocked this little girl a few meters away. Count all these wines under my tab. Don’t be too tough on her, she looks like a junior high student, pitiful.”

Fifth Brother was startled, and with sudden realization, he stared at Elaine, and a slight smirk appeared on his face. “Oh, Oliver, you… would it be… Haha, understood, I’ll help you!”

Then shouting fiercely at Elaine again, “Do you see that! Master Young treats you so well! It was your mistake, and he helped you get away with it! Initially, employees like you, not only have to pay double the amount, there would be a fine of 20 thousand dollars. On account of Master Young, I’ll let you go this time. You better serve Master Young well! Hear that?”

Crying… Elaine didn’t reply but just cried silently.