Wolf President Hooks Up

Chapter 16: All Eyes On Her

Elaine ran a 100 meters in one breath, only then did she stopped and looked back in fear, patting her chest. “Fortunately, he didn’t chase over. That guy must be crazy, likes to squeeze people while talking, it was so uncomfortable. There are really a lot of weird people here.”

“Little girl, what are you doing?”

“Ahhhh---!” Elaine jumped in shock. Turning around with fear, only to see Sally, was she then relieved.

“Oh, it’s Sally, you scared me to death. I thought it was the lunatic from earlier!”

“Huh? What lunatic?” A face full of bewilderment was shown on Sally’s face.

“Which lunatic scared our little Elaine so much?”

Elaine wiped her cold sweat, “Oh, it’s hard to describe in one sentence. This guy bumped into me and kept asking for my name. He can’t talk properly and had to squeeze me up against the wall to talk. The reek of alcohol from his mouth was so suffocating, then I escaped after that.”

Sally squinted, “Then be warier of him, there are too many bad guys here. I’ll give you a small hammer, hide it in your pocket. If you meet anyone that wants to disrespect you, use the hammer to him. Then run away. Oh, yes, you can’t use this to hit the guest here, this is for you to prevent against the perverts.”

Elaine didn’t hear the last sentence that Sally said. There were only two images that came to her mind, the first one was her using the hammer to whack Emmett’s head hard.

Hahaha, let’s see if you can still be so arrogant, sinister, and vicious? I’ll whack your head until it burst!

The second image was that she used the hammer to smash the lunatic’s claws from earlier, just like breaking the ice, smashing the lunatic’s fingers.Holding the small hammer, Elaine was laughing towards the sky.

Sally touched Elaine’s forehead, “Oh, this kid, did she became ill after the fright.”

Meanwhile, the foreman was speaking to the internal intercom, “Huh? What? Name is Elaine? We have an Elaine here? Oh, then I have to go and look around… Yes, I only know these people’s calling numbers… Sir, do you know Elaine’s call number? Okay, rest assured, I’ll find this Elaine for you, and let her go over…”

After nodding and bowing awhile, the foreman ran to the office and checked the name list one by one. At this moment, Elaine had already accepted the new order and took eight bottles of wine to room 8816.

Upon entering the room, a cloud of smoke clouded her, Elaine wanted to faint from choking on the smoke. Oh my mom, are they lighting firewood in here? How many cigarettes did they smoke? Aren’t they afraid of getting lung cancer! It was suffocating.