Winner Takes All

Chapter456: The Unexpected Killer

In the parking lot of the hotel.

Jack frowned with a cold face.

His phone was in his right hand, and the screen was still on.

His eyes narrowed and he stared coldly into the dark corner opposite.

"Do you know how long I've been waiting for this call?"

Patter... Patter...

The sound of footsteps rang slowly and clearly in the silent parking lot.

After Amber left Tiana's car, Jack remained in the parking lot blankly.

He wondered what had just happened.

A mixed feelings of disappointment, melancholy and reluctance made him restless.

After a long time, the phone rang.

When Jack saw that it was Amber's number, he was instantly ecstatic.

But before he answered the phone, a killing intent came from the dark corner.

So he hung up the phone.

"Someone sent me to kill you."

Out of the darkness came a vague figure.

Jack's eyes became sharp.

The man in tight clothes looked like a ninja with two samurai swords, one was long and another was short.

Only his eyes were uncovered, revealing his fierce killing intent.

As if an evil serpent locking its eyes on the prey.

"Who sent you?" Jack asked.

"I am paid to do my job. You question is insulting my professional ethics."

The dark figure slowly walked towards Jack, his voice was hoarse with endless coldness. He suddenly said, "Unless you pay me more."

Jack was speechless.

Who is insulting whom?


At the moment he was stunned, a cold light flashed suddenly.

The slender samurai sword reflected a dazzling cold light under the light.

He rushed towards Jack directly like lightning.

"Don't you want a better payment?"

body, with a sneer at the corner of his


katana set off a gust of wind, and then slashed

directly kicked towards the

took a lot

even a buzz.

did not doubt the

has the power to kick the slate broken.



light flashed again.

Oh no!

Jack's eyes widened.

his short katana at Lightning speed, and directly




an instant, Jack slammed the killer's

retreated, he also staggered back.

sharp pain in his right calf.

"That was close!"

killer in front of him and a chill ran down his spine.

and retreated the force of his right leg, not

would have cut off

and stared at the dark

had never

of the Assassin Squad, Kotaro

killer on the Azrael


the killer


killer suddenly

he directly rushed toward Jack like

hands brought a whistling and buzzing sound, flashing dazzling cold

waved like a wall, without any leak.

overwhelming killing intent erupted from

It shocked Jack.


a second thought, Jack

not a fool

wise to make a prompt decision

weaker than Kotaro, who even had

fighting recklessly would only get

him great effort to

to fight with this man, at least he had to be equipped with a knife!

when there was no great disparity in strength, taking the weapon from

very confused while escaping.

to end, the killer's accent and tone were the same as his

Even though Kotaro's pronunciation was clear, the crappy accent was


sound of the katanas slashing the


was shocked, and while running fast,

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