Winner Takes All

Chapter457: Calling for Help

Outside the parking lot was a road.

Jack remembered clearly that there would be a steady stream of traffic..

But the road in front of him was empty, even without a car.

The bypass lights were glowing yellow, and the sky was drizzling. The wet ground made the yellowish street lights even dimmer.

"The road was closed ahead of time?"

Jack quickly reacted and shuddered.

He snorted and laughed, "In order to kill me, you actually have the ability to seal the road. It seems that my life is very important in your eyes."


There was a hum behind them, accompanied by hurried footsteps.

As Jack was smiling, the bloodthirsty fierce suddenly flashed in his eyes.

He turned around abruptly, not avoiding the long katana that was slashing towards his face.

He directly smashed the killer with a punch.


Almost at the same time, the dark figure seemed to have expected it, and moved the short katana quickly to protect his chest.

To be precise, it was to cut directly to Jack's wrist.


Just when the short katana was about to cut Jack's wrist,

Jack's right fist suddenly changed its direction and went straight up.


A powerful punch hit the killer's chin heavily.

The killer leaned back in an instant, and fell heavily to the ground.

"There is no way to run. Killing you is my way out!"

Jack exuded a murderous intent.

At this moment, his air changed drastically, as if a mountain was rising from the ground.

The ferocious eyes locked on the killer as if a bloodthirsty beast aiming its prey.

But just when he was ready to strike while the iron was hot.

His right foot lifted up and shook suddenly, and then fell heavily to the ground.

A strong sense of dizziness came like a tide.

Suddenly, Jack felt the world was spinning, and his head was dizzy.

He even felt that the killer on the ground had become double images.

"Does the toxicity take effect so quickly?"

Jack shook his head vigorously, and the unstoppable weakness made him lose the ability to continue the fight...

turned and ran towards the empty road.

was startled, and then slowly stood up

his hand, there

seemed like another nail in

wildly and fast along

followed Jack far behind to make sure

wouldn't mind

the parking lot, Jack's counterattack made

not an ordinary

instinct even frightened

desperate situation, he couldn't be sure whether Jack would suddenly turn defeat into

the dark

completely exhausted from

occurred, and the stronger feeling of weakness was

as soon as he stopped, he would be

of the killer in his heyday, he


Run at all effort!

He couldn't stop!

was to die!

and weaker as his breathing became

felt a little moist at the

hand to touch, only to find that it was a red

It worked so

heart sank to the bottom. At that moment, he even felt

took effect too quickly, and the road was closed in advance.

at this

behind him was not the only one

was definitely not possible for one person to seal the whole road ahead of

phone and instinctively wanted

phone was connected, he was like being struck by lightning and hung up in

that he had dialed Amber's

Amber for help at a matter of life

to endanger Amber and

else could save him besides the Knight family?

was getting blurred.

became more

to become hollow and dull. The blood from his nose

the clothes on his chest,

he decided to turn around with

along the road would not help at

not the continuous row

down, so did the

 his way through the narrow lanes, a kind of

slowed down, the footsteps of the killer

come up and give

"I'm afraid of you."

he did not hide his inner

the exit of the parking

a trapped beast

lose its ture power

the beast could


twitched the corners of his mouth, ecstatic in his heart.

was still a chance...

very clear about his state. If this killer was not that cautious, a strike

was a

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