Why Me

Chapter 6: Part 6

*Cara's pov*

I'm half asleep and I can feel someone on top of me.

I don't remember sleeping with someone last night.

I know I had dinner at Kendall's house and then a movie, that's all I remember. I slowly open my eyes to see Kendall hugging my waist did we fuck? no, I wouldn't allow it. Yes, I like her but I don't want to fuck her so soon, it's weird I know. I look down at her and she looks so peaceful and happy. I move a piece of hair out of her face causing her to wake up.

"Shit. I'm sorry," I whisper.

"It's okay, we need to get up anyway and I'm sorry I'm holding you" she half laughs and sits up stretching.

"I didn't mind, you're an awesome cuddler," I smile and remove the covers because I was getting hot to see I had taken my clothes off.

"When did I do this?" I laugh.

"When you were half asleep, I told you to take off your boots and jacket because it was my bed and not the floor and you also tried sleeping on the floor."

I laugh a little more.

"I've been told that I turn into a 5 year old when I'm sleepy," this caused her to smile.

"I believe it and umm why do you have a boner?" she blushes.

I look down and see that my friend is awake too.

"Sorry, its morning wood, it's a stupid dude thing. It will go away soon."