Why Me

Chapter 7: Part 7

*Kendall's pov*

Cara opens the door to her gym and the smell of sweat and blood fills my nose. I can tell by my sister's faces they are thinking the same thing. Ew.

"You will get used to it," Cara said before leading us to a sitting area right below a boxing ring. We all sit down and Cara disappears.

"With her family having so much money, they should have these places smelling better," Kim said causing me to smack her arm.

"They will always smell like this, its a gym you idiot," right before Kim can speak again Cara comes out from what I'm guessing was the locker room and she's wearing just a black sports bra and boxing style shorts.

"Damn she's hot," my sisters say.

"Guys shut up before she kicks us out," I tell them.

"It's fine, I know I'm hot" Cara is now standing five feet away from us wrapping her hands with tape and putting a mouth guard in.

Through her mouth guard, she said

"Stay seated and don't freak out with whatever you see," we all nod and sit back.

She climbs in the ring with this older dude that looks the same height as her but not the same weight, he looks bigger.

Are they going to fight? she could get hurt cause he's too big for her.

I watch carefully as Cara and the older man start to circle each other in the ring bouncing up and down a little. The man goes in for a punch and my sisters and I gasp. Cara dodges it perfectly and she goes in for a punch and hits him right in the chin making his head fly to the side. The man turns his head back and spits out some blood and looks pissed. He quickly goes towards Cara and tries hitting her but fails then he tries kicking her feet and he does causing Cara to fall into her back.

I stand up and Khloe grabs my arm, I stay standing and watch. The man goes on top of Cara and starts hitting her as hard as he can and Cara is trying to block each punch but some slip through. Cara grabs the man's hand and flips him over with her on top now punching the shit out of him, she doesn't stop.

"Shouldn't she be stopping by now?" Kourtney asks.

"I think so, I thought this was training and not a real fight."

I look back and see the man is almost dead so I yell,


Nothing, I do it again and so do my sisters.


Nothing, this time I climb in the ring and go to them. I put my hand on Cara's shoulder.

"Cara you're killing the man," I say softly trying not to startle her.