It was amazing how I could recognize Ashton at a glance although the wedding was full of people.

The wedding was held according to Chinese wedding traditions which included walking over a fire pit, and serving tea to parents before they gave the wedding couple red envelopes and jewelry.

After the wedding couple bowed to each other, they exchanged jade bracelets instead of rings.

The couple served tea to Zachary and Cameron as they are the closest elders to Emery.

After the ritual ended, Emery tugged me away. “Come with me. Someone has gotten you a gift.”

“What?” I was startled.

“Just follow me.” She took me to the garden behind the hotel.

I was taken aback when the garden full of balloon flowers came into my vision. “From where you got all these balloon flowers?”

It was nearly impossible to get these summer blooms in winter.

Emery winked at me. “That’s because someone has planned this for a few months. He had these flowers planted in the greenhouse just to show them to you today. Do you know the symbol of balloon flowers?”

I pondered for a while before I answered, “Balloon flowers symbolize unchanging love. Jared once brought these flowers to Macy’s cemetery.”

Emery pouted, “Can’t you see these are white balloon flowers?”

I nodded. “Yes. What about it?”

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