The media industry adhered to a set of rules. Only those who followed etiquette and played by the rules were able to gain a foothold in the high society.

Cameron and Zachary were making arrangements at the lounge.

Actually, there was nothing much for me to do, so I just helped Emery to get some things.

However, Emery was worried about me, so she asked the attendant to get the things she needed instead.

Therefore, I could only follow Emery around while wearing a smile on my face.

“Mr. Murphy will arrive soon. He’s the leading figure of the firearm and ammunition industry in K City. I guess Louis will be coming with him.” Emery put an almond into her mouth as she spoke.

Noticing her unusually good appetite, I intuitively gazed at her belly. Why does she keep eating all the time?

Sensing my gaze, she shrugged. “It’s two months but I don’t get any symptoms though. I just feel like eating.”

I was shocked. “Are you really pregnant?”

Emery nodded. “Yes. I’m already thirty-one. It’s the most ideal age for pregnancy. Of course, I won’t miss that.”

She paused mid-sentence, then looked at me before she continued, “You’re already thirty as well. Don’t you and Ashton plan to have a baby of your own?”

“It’s still too early for us.” I gave a perfunctory answer. Right then, a group of people were walking toward the lobby.

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