Louis was smart enough to understand what I was trying to say.

He sighed. “I’ve thought about it, but Hannah comes from a complicated family. Her parents were drug dealers, and she’s also an ex-convict. If she marries into our family, we’ll have to announce her identity to the public. I’ll lose my job and the Stovall family’s reputation will be affected too.”

Previously, Hannah told me a bit of her past, but she didn’t go into the details. Indeed, compared to the Stovall family’s future and Louis’ career, it was best if Hannah didn’t marry into the Stovall family.

John knew everything all along. Why did he sleep with her in the first place?

Louis was getting old, so after staying up the entire night, he felt exhausted.

He arranged for someone to wait outside the ER and went back home.

Ashton had to work, but he insisted on staying here with me. Hence, I had to leave for him to leave too.

Luckily, John showed up half an hour later with Yvonne behind him.

Even a fool could see they were acting oddly.

“How is she?” John came to me and asked. As his forehead gleamed with a thin layer of perspiration, it was evident he had rushed here the minute he received the news.

I tamped down my irritation and the urge to slap him, but I refused to talk to him. Hence, I just glared at him before leaving with Ashton.

Outside the hospital, I was still simmering in fury. Ashton offered, “Why don’t you hit me to vent out your anger?”

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