Ashton didn’t want me to face the shareholders’ wrath, so he told me to stay in his office.

I wasn’t afraid of that. After all, I had to face it someday.

Concerned about my mental health, Ashton arranged for Joseph to stay with me.

I read everything on the headlines and left my phone aside. Looking down from the French windows, I could still see the reporters milling around the entrance of Fuller Corporation.

“Mrs. Fuller, there are plenty of books in the lounge. You can pick one to read if you like,” suggested Joseph. To him, the easiest way to offer his comfort was to change the topic suddenly.

I let out a faint chuckle and turned at my shoulder slightly. “There are many influential men in K City. Isn’t it a waste of resources to gather at Fuller Corporation’s entrance?”

Joseph pressed his lips together, but he said nothing.

Shortly after, Ashton came back with a scowl on his face.

Upon spotting me, his expression relaxed. He beckoned me over, and I trotted to him obediently. Pulling me into his lap, he declared, “It’s nothing. Don’t worry!”

I nodded silently. Deep down, I knew something huge must’ve happened to make him frown. The rumors hadn’t just affected us, it had also brought a negative impact on the company.

A listed company would be in trouble if its president’s name was dragged through the mud.

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