My hand felt warm in his. Looking over at the bags placed by the side, I said somewhat awkwardly, “It’s just a few pieces of clothing.”

Emery chuckled jovially. “And a pair of shoes for me,” she added.

Emery took a few tentative steps, then turned to me and marveled, “These shoes are fantastic! Much better than high heels.”

I smiled at her.

Ashton looked at me and raised an eyebrow. His grip on my hand tightened somewhat as he picked up the bags from the floor and pulled me along with him.

“Hey Ashton, are you blind? There are some more bags here,” Emery yelled after us. She was seething.

Ashton said nothing. Paying no heed to Emery’s indignant cries, he dragged me headlong towards the mall’s exit.

I stopped short in my tracks. “We left some bags behind?”

Ashton furrowed his brow. His gaze settled on something beyond me.

I turned to see Hunter Zane striding towards us. Recognition dawned on me, and I followed Ashton obediently.

Ashton had parked his car just outside the mall. It was a black McLaren sports car and looked tremendously flashy.

“Why did you choose this car today?” The car was impressive, but I had rarely seen him driving it.

We placed our bags in the trunk. I noticed that they were all the items that Emery had picked out for me. How did Ashton know that?

“I just randomly chose this one,” Ashton answered shortly. He pulled me into the car. “What would you like to eat?”

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