Gritting my teeth, I washed and dried my hands leisurely, intending to ignore Rebecca.

Rebecca barricaded the door by standing before it in her high heels, incensed. “What, are you playing the victim now? Do you know how much the three of them have gone through together just to have gotten to where they were? You ruined everything when you appeared. Scarlett, don’t you realize what a jinx you are?”

“What’s that got to do with you?” I shot back, trying to suppress my rage. “It’s entirely up to the three of them if they disagree. Why are you in the picture? Or are you worried that you won’t be able to reap benefits from them as easily as you did before?”

“That’s total nonsense!” Rebecca shrieked. “You don’t even know the depth of their feelings for each other. You’re utterly cold-blooded, Scarlett. You have no idea at all.”

“Yes, I have no idea!” I replied. Countless people had come and gone in my life, but I’d never once thought of asking anyone to stay. I was indeed unfamiliar with the feelings that Rebecca referred to.

I made another attempt to leave. Rebecca, however, was determined to stop me. Impatiently, I remarked, “Rebecca, the only reason why you’re blaming me right now isn’t that you care about their friendship. You’re just upset that I appeared on the scene. You think it’s because of me that they’re colder to you than before, but it’s entirely your own doing! You’ve shamelessly used them over and over again. You could have depended on Ashton’s goodwill to tide you through, but you were just too greedy. His money wasn’t enough for you; you had to have his love as well. You even dared to use Parker’s last words to satisfy your own selfish desires! It’s no wonder that they’re disgusted and sick of you. You’ve already revealed your worst side to them.”

Rebecca’s face was white as a sheet. I took the opportunity to push her aside and walked out of the bathroom.

When she had recovered herself, she hastily lunged towards me. However, she lost her balance, tottering on her high heels.

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