Jane opened her eyes uneasily and smelled the familiar mint. William was in front of her.

She must have missed William too much, so she was dreaming.

Jane continued to close her eyes. Three seconds later, she opened them again. William was still there.


Jane wanted to close her eyes again. This time, William stopped her.

"Janie, I'm back."

William grabbed Jane's hand and put it on his face. He was real.

"Honey, you're back?"

Jane touched William's chin, which was full of blue stubble, making her itch.


"I am worried about you," William answered, holding Jane in his arms.

"I am fine."

Jane hurriedly explained. She did not want to be a burden to William. But the world was constantly changing. There were some things that she did not expect.

"Forget about them. Daisy saved you and you paid it back. We won't get involved in the Carts' affairs in the future. Try to stay away from them."

William lowered his eyes and found that something was unreasonable. For example, Daisy always had a strong purpose. She found him at the engagement ceremony and told him something.

Not long after, she was calm and collected as if nothing had happened, .

The thick-skinned one usually had no principles. Jane was kind and soft-hearted, and she was easy to be deceived.

William had asked someone to investigate the fire at Andrew's wedding banquet. It was contrived.

But the person did it quickly and left little evidence.

"Janie, I shouldn't interfere with what kind of friends you have. However, it is good to stay away from some evil ones."

Daisy was probably the mastermind behind the fire at the wedding banquet.

After all, Daisy was the first to leave the fire field, and she benefited afterward.