Jane had always kept this in mind.

"Charlee wants to see you, but it's not convenient for him to come over now."

Mat lowered his head as he spoke, and tears almost flowed out of his eyes.

He originally thought that he would have to convince Mrs. Duncan if he wanted to take her away, but he didn't expect that it would be so easy.

"Alright, wait for me to change my clothes."

Jane admired Charlee's character very much, and since his debut until now, he had not even had a single scandal.

A man without a stain on his character was always trustworthy.

Having been pregnant for more than three months, Jane was not strictly constrained by her family, but as she went out, they still asked the chauffer and bodyguards to go along with her, afraid that there would be a little mishap.

The chauffer, Vance, followed Charlee's assistant's car. The more they drove, the more they felt that something was wrong. The way led to the hospital, and it was the private hospital of the Duncan Group.

Jane had been here several times, so she was very familiar with this place.

At this point, she was very puzzled. Was Charlee sick?

Jane turned on her phone, but did not see any news on the Internet.

"I'm sorry, Mrs. Duncan. I didn't inform you before I lead you to the hospital."

Things could no longer be hidden here. Mat didn't say much and brought Jane to the western district.

The Duncan's private hospital was noble. The equipment they introduced was all foreign advanced equipment. Charlee's attending physician was exactly Robert.

Seeing Robert, Jane was a bit surprised.

"Jane, are you coming to see Charlee?"

Holding the medical report, Robert told Jane to persuade Pearl, who was crying in his office.

Charlee was sent in last night. He was sometimes confused and sometimes sober.

Pearl just happened to deliver food to him, who was working overtime, and learned the news first.

"Why is Charlee here? Is it very serious?"