With the cloak hiding my identity from the people, I strolled through the hordes of people walking in and out of stalls and buildings.

I watched how the commoners in this district looked so happy, living peacefully, and enjoying their days under the sun and bustling about their lives ahead of them, kids run around laughing and playing. It was fresh of breath air just looking how my people lived freely and happily.


I shifted my gaze towards an armoured soldier barking orders to the others that seemed they were below the other.

Squinting my eyes to get a better look at the brooch on the shoulder, it was crystal flower.

'The Glacies? Who are they searching for? A thief or an assassin' realisation dawned on me and I tasted something bitter in the back of my throat.

*'If an assassin was present at the household of the Glacies then....ARIANA'* Terror washed over me, raising the fine hairs on the back of my neck. I quickly made my way to them, squeezing myself through the frozen crowd that surrounded the areas. 'By the names of the Gods please don't let anything happen to Ariana'


I stopped in my tracks and watched in disbelief I felt my muscles relax a little. 'Hold on a minute please don't tell me that wretched woman did something to Ariana' a look of bitterness crossed my face, anger curled hot and unstoppable in my gut, like a blazing inferno that wanted to burn me from the inside out.

"I heard lady Diana run away just yesterday" I look to my side hearing a young woman whisper to her husband beside her.

"tch that trashy daughter of the Glacies, what is trying to stir up now, making a ruckus wherever she goes" others whispered from behind.

"I hope she never reveals herself. It's better she just never comes back"

I wasn't surprised that the people of Aureum despised Diana, that woman does nothing but talk down to these people just because she lives under the house of the Glacies. She tormented many of the commers when they were just passing by.

'That shameless woman you better have not done anything to Ariana to run away because if you have I will not stop to find and you pull you by the hair you adore so much and make you kneel in forgiveness'

"-STOP BY THE NAME OF THE PRINCE" I felt my body become paralysed by the sudden familiar yells of a certain someone. I looked through the crowds looking for that forgetful young prince but couldn't spot him anywhere when suddenly some pointed up and yelled out "LOOK! PEOPLE ARE RUNNING ON THE ROOFS"

I span my head to the left where the person pointed, I swear my mouth drop to the ground, staring blankly at Edmond chasing a person that was running on the roof with sharp and graceful steps like he has been doing it all his life while Edmond staggered across the roof tiles like a fawn learning how to walk for the first time.

"What in God's name?" I mouthed, my gaze following Edmond who seemed to stop to catch his breath.