The Villainess Wants To Go Home

Chapter 37 - Feeling the loss of Home

I had thought I would never see the face that would mark my end but right now Diana's ex-fiancé is chasing after me with Edmond the douche bag next to him.

'Where the hell did that bastard appear from?' I thought meeting Edmond was bad this guy he takes the cake. I want to go home.

"DIANA, IN ORDER OF THE CROWN PRINCE I COMMAND YOU TO STOP RIGHT NOW!" Damon yelled out to me, but I ignored him and took a sharp to the left and leaped over the huge gap between the house and shop. Landing silently as usual I bolted off again without slowing down.

I looked behind and saw the two stopping and looking down then to each other.

'Heh good luck jumping over without missing the land' I grinned in victory. "HEHE, those dumb humans try jumping that. MUHAHAHA" Homura roared with joy.

But we both spoke to soon when Damon used his magic to create a golden bridge across to my side with Edmond following behind.

I clicked my tongue and pursued on running, leaping over the huge gaps. "That was just unexpected" Homura said in a gloomy manner.

'I'm going further and further away from the blacksmith and I'm losing breath.' I started to pant heavily. "Oi you better not start slowing down. We have to lose chase or else those nut jobs are going to catch up with us" Homura warned me, I heard a hint of worry in his voice.

"I'll try to lose them" I said under my breathless voice.