I walk into our beautiful house smiling at the maids who is really busy with their work as I walk to the kitchen get me something to drink I was really thirsty and I dont know when was the last I had some blood in my body I'm not look after myself and it's not good.

"Darling you back where's Lucia? she asked as she walk into the kitchen looking at me.

I drink down the glass before I could answer her. I sight outing the glass down and look at my mother I left her   so that she can clean her mind and think about somethings I said looking at her and pour me another glass.

"What do you mean think about something what did you told her." she asked also pouring her self a glass.

"That she should choose what she really want in this life mom she just cant decide on her own that she do not want the baby but I'm not angry at her mom if she wants me there I will go but she needs time to be alone." I told my mom.

"Darling did you really left her alone and in what state was she when you find her? she asked drinking I her blood

"Terrible mom I never saw her like that she is broken deep broken and I swear I'm going to kill Jerome and that man when I find them, mark my words and I think I need to pay him a visit." I said biting hard on my lip just thinking about the things I'm willing to do them.

" Jerome is not here Brenda ."mom said looking at me. I put my glass down looking at her not believing what she meant by that as i sight wondering if Lucia is okay alone there I miss her already an di know she won't kill her child she would never she will just have to keep and love her with all her heart and I will always be by her side all the time every step of the time she is my everything and I love her so much.

"Mom what do you mean he is not here? I asked looking at her.

"We punish him but it wasn't enough for the deed he has done to you and to Lucia so we send her to the counselors in America so that they can punish him." she told me as tears roll down her face as I know she can't believe that her child was all time against me and my Mate he knew where she was and kept still just because he wanted to be the king he could have asked me and I would have granted him that because.

"A..nd why wait, mom why are you telling me this now huh? i asked her nit understanding why they didn't told me sooner or just something.

" You had so much on you Plat Brenda when you had returned we couldn't we exactly didn't get the chance to talk to you but you know mos now darling and I think we need to move on and forgive and forget." she said making me laugh so hard.

"I don't know but I think my mother is busy getting crazy really I run my hands through my hair not believing a word this woman is saying right now forgive and forget really. "you joking right mom." I spoke.

"No darling...

"Mom just stop right there I know he is your child but right now I don't care I'm going to kill him if I find him and I just can't believe he is still alive he should be killed but my Mate is pregnant with who's child I don't know and I won't be surprise if it's his child. Just pray that I don't cross his path because I will kill him myself. "I growl walking out of there bumping into Cathy who look terrible.

"Brenda where's Lucia? she asked with tears in her eyes.

"She at your house and she is safe she just want to be alone but I would check on her again if she is not back by tonight." I told her.

"Why is she there.? I heard my mother asked behind us.

"I really don't know but I found her with  drugs it looks like she was using it there al the time." I told them.

"What! Both of if them said.

" Yes I don't know where she get it from ." I said walking pass Cathy.

wait are you sure she is fine and did you take the

I did. I find only one bag and I'm not sure if

should have her

be fine trust me I can send someone to go and check on her if you not fine with her there being alone." I said looking at my

if you say she is fine then it's fine but you can still send

and walk away to

walk on and stop when seeing my sister in the TV room laughing with her girlfriend. I walk up to the room smiling to see them so

you find her? chrissy asked looking at me when she saw me walking into

and went to sit down opposite

breath out

at Jacky seeing her tens up

fine why you

that's why." I

took the morning cuddling that's all."

all? I asked looking at

please don't start." she

smiling at

said shortly

talk private please? I asked her.

chrissy as I follow her out of the

parents." she said looking at the the TV room where

you didn't kill her." I said

so boring."she said waking away

outside as I speed towards the balcony seeing my LJ and luke playing on the playground on the swings. Luke was pushing her uriel was also there pushing the baby

her and I wonder what's she up to as I try to connect with her through the mindlink but I couldn't

making me groan hearing jacky's voice in my head. " I'm sorry about

know if you were alright I know how hard it is for us

a good sex just the one in the toilet," I was so lost in the feeling I was so enjoying the pleasure she give me that I lost control almost killing

us even knowing and you should be more careful sometimes dear sister. "I told

and  sex the hell out of her you don't

it to you last night." I said jokingly hearing her growl as I just laughed. The door of the room suddenly open as I turn

she said walking up to me.

you still was

it but I just couldn't say no to her and it was

happy together." she said making me growl at her.

off." I spoke looking at

two fine? she asked me.

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