The Vampire Teacher (GirlxGirl)

Chapter 117: Abortion

I sight feeling my tears roll down my face feeling Lucia move as I turn my head to look at her but she was so focused on the roof as I think this was the right time to tell her my past as I look at her smiling she was so beautiful no mater she was my Mate an dim not going to reject her because she was rape I was once rape and I don't know what she will think about me when hearing my story but I will be here for her always I'm not leaving her side her never.

"I mean when I was pregnant with LJ I just lost it one night and storm out of the house looking for humans to drink from when I find around five I think humans two girls and three boys. I wasn't in the right mind to see or smell with what they're were busy with I just stop and drink from them and they was high Lucia they have use drugs that night Lucia and it almost kill LJ. I would go back hike like nothing happened so in the middle of the night suddenly a huge pain cross right through my stomach and I started to bleed crying out so loud Lucia. There was so many blood Lucia.

"You know just few days back LJ kick me for the first time that's when I decided to stop trying to get rid of her I also wanted to kill her but just feeling ehr kick that day Lucia was something so special having another person in your body someone so small and I just couldn't kill her but it almost kill me when I saw so many blood that night I cry to mother to Save her and she did. I asked her why I was having so much pain and bleeding so much and she told me that the amount drugs I had in my body was choking the child and she couldn't get much oxygen and it had an effect on her heart. Her stops right in my stomach and if I wasn't at home that night we could have die both us. "I told her. My face my clothes was wet by my tears stains feeling Lucia moves and wrapped her arm arwmy body kissing me on the cheek.

" Why do you wanna kill her? she asked me as I but down on my lower bit and swallow down the lump in my throat taking her hand in my mine and caressing down on her knuckles. Having her this close making me feel more safe and relaxed. I wipe my tears away feel more assured that's she fine and that I have talk some sense into her.

"I was rape Lucia brutal rape." I respons on her question as tears roll down again from my eyes this time I sobbed as I express it all over again. She took her hand from mine and grabbed close to her as he hold me tight into her arms

"I'm sorry I'm so sorry." she cry. I'm sorry Brenda I'm so sorry. "she cry all over and all over I should pull myself out of her grip and hug her this as we hug each other and cry expressing the pain both us went through. She kiss me on my head making me smile through tears as I kiss her just back.

I know what you feel and I understand sometimes if you just want to be alone and all but you need to asked for help Lucia. I learn from that I was just like you but one day I just couldn't anymore and ask my mom for help. She would compel me sometimes to forget about it and give it back but it all stops the nightmares when you came into my life." I told her looking at her as I hold

"she told me with

did it again. "I said looking at her

" What? she asked.

" Drug, "I answered.

move from my hands but she couldn't because

baby but why keeping her alive if you don't want her come on." I told her as I heko from the

what are you talking about?

my mother for abortion. "I said looking

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