Brenda's Pov

When we reach the club it was loaded and I can all ready scent so many creatures here. This was supernatural club for all creatures but sometime things  can get out of hand here. Supernatural get drunk but not by two beers of two shots. As I know we do not drunk less we drink to get drunk and nop tipsy.

I told myself that I'm just going to enjoy myself not getting drunk but I just couldn't help going back to my old ways before I found my mate. When we walk in the club tequila call for me already. The dance floor was so full everywwaa dancing and some will drink from each other's yes we decided to hold up some space for humans too.

"Oh my God is so full here so nice." I heard Jacky yell when we reach the bar tender to order our drinks making me roll my eyes at her.

"Guy's its so full in here I'm going to get us a booth because I don't want trouble when someone is going to step of push me."Kat said as she walk away from us and disappear into a dark room.

It was really loaded and I can smell some people here was so high on drugs making me growl as I think about Lucia what's  she up too. I felt so bad for doing this to them. I even asked someone to look after LJ bewi know both if them wouldn't listen to me and get a way to be with each other.

I look around through the crowded people on the dance floor and choke when I look at the person I never wanted to see in my life as I turn my back to the crowd and look at the bartender who is busy with our drings. My eyes widen in shock when I see so many bottles standing in front of Naomi as she give her card to the bartender smiling at me, "are we really get drunk tonight? I asked helping her with the bottles. It was about twenty bottles which is just nit much to make us drunk.

It's was different kind of hot shots and I'm going to take tequila which I open right away and drink it just like that's without pouring it in the glass and drink it down just in the half making me shout out. It was strong and burning my throat for a moment but it was hell delicious. I laugh thinking back to our days.

"Oh my Brenda cool down there dude." Kat said pouring herself a shot in a glass hearing the other laughs but I give no damn and drink the other half empty.

"Please come on we here to have fine and to enjoy our self and that's what I'm doing so please stop being boring." I said and take another bottle which tequila again.

going to have a problem with Joan on later."I heard Naomi yell through the

who's here ? I asked them chowing on a lemon to take away the bitterness of the

talk about rissa Brenda and please we not here for girls." Jackie said drinking on her glass

not say anything but because you name it I don't think greeting her

but Lucia just needed to flash through my mind making me sigh

i ask drinking down

our life's and dear Kat here is sulking about her being so

for Lucia and I know I shouldn't have left her to go through this all alone and I feel so bad

start to burst our and cry in front of them making them stop. I cry so hard forgetting where I was and not care a

look at us, no more tequila for you. "Naomi said

for  a dance but I couldn't even stand on my legs but I want to dance and go with the beat of the

turn myself around almost falling over feet when someone catch

and move out off her grip and try to stand on my

and I don't see your mate around." she said

goes to clubs and neglect her responsibilities."


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