Lucia POV

"Brenda please... "and there she throws the door in my face. Please I just wanna hold her I'm sorry." I cry as I slammed constantly on the door with my fits.

"Mommy Lucia."LJ called for me from the other side of the room as I open the door and sighted when it wasn't lock and when in.

A small figure jump on me making me giggle so hard as hold her so close to me like I dont want her to leave. I kiss her constantly all over face hearing her giggle as she hold me just as tight. "I love you so much baby girl." i said still kissing her.

"Love you too mommy Lucia." she said kissing me back all over my face making me laugh.

"I missed you." she said as tears roll down her cheek.

"I miss you just as much, stop crying now I'm here okay." I told her and put her down while i wipe her face smiling at her.

"She  kick me. "she said through giggles as my eyes widen in shocked.

" O really and do you know why she kick you? I asked and kiss her on her forhead.

"I think she jealous." she said pouting making me laugh.

"And why is that my beautiful girl? I asked picking her up again.

looking a little sad and walk up to the bed where her mother sit and look at us.

wasn't going to sit next to Brenda or close to her but LJ's face was telling me something els and I do not like to see her like that. I sighted and walk up to her and bend

you jealous baby girl? I asked sher

sad and I felt so bad about it because I would have never wanted a child if she didn't asked for a brother or a sister it was a shock for me and I didn't know

be her daughter no matter what baby girl after all you her first daughter and she will be your little sister ain't you happy to be a

giving me a happy feeling down in my stomach to see her like this and a huge kick too making me laugh

I was bending down as raise with the help of Joan and sit down next to LJ smiling at her,"yes you will always be my daughter baby I told her kissing on the head and hold her tight close me taut when I smell something

just couldn't put my mind on this smell. I snuif LJ but she

okay? Brenda asked

it? I asked her still snuifing

lost focus when I felt LJ soft

I can wait for you to be here. "she said

LJ its time for you too sleep. "Joan spoke as I look up to her with frown on my

angry get in. "I told her as I open up the

but she just shakes her head no and come closer to kiss LJ goodnight that's when I got that same smell making me growl as I look at

"I said and kiss her on her forhead and grabbed Brenda

into our room and close the door. I speed up to her where she


are you talking

she? I asked her seeing her roll her eyes at me making me just angry and

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