Brenda pov

I run and run and search through every forest every city, I just pass by Australia from France leaving for home. I have been through every country and every city. Searching for him but I just couldn't find him it seems like he have just vanished from this earth.

It's been two weeks now since I'm on the search for him. Jacky would now and then tell me about everything that happened at house and I'm glad that my Mate is out of danger but I'm  also sad  that I'm not there to help her through this change but I know she is in good hands. All the people she care about mostly the people who care for her is with her and there for her.

I couldn't safe her I couldn't kept her safe and everything she went through, everything they did to her was all because I couldn't protect her. I will accept if she doesn't wanna see me again but I'm happy that she is safe and that she has overcome the change. I don't know what to feel about all of this, her been not a human anymore.

It hurts it really and I don't know how she is feeling about me.

I know I'm a bad person and I should have been there for her ,I should have been there to help her through this new life of hers, i should have been the one helping her through with her first thirst of blood. I know is really hard, mostly with humans around you.

I sight finally reaching our boarder. My heart was crushed, I was a wreck everything seems so lost and dark. I don't know if it is good for me to came back home knowing that he is still  out there planning on attacking us again. I Jump up in one of the huge and largest tree around the castle looking down at the roof of the castle.

It is so beautiful with the moon shine so bright all over it and the stars giving of that beautiful glow and relaxing vibe. The sky was dark only the stars give off a beautiful light. I blink my eyes and relaxing into the cold wind blowing through my hair and on my face finally letting me take heavily breaths.

I try listening on what's going on inside the house but it's seems like everyone is sleeping and the maids were busy cleaning up. The only light I saw coming from jacky's room it seems like she is and chrissy is still awake so is Lucia because I heard she and her mother took turns to put Lucia to bed LJ didn't left her side since she is home.

Jacky also said since she has been released from hospital she never left her room chrissy and her mom was staying now with her in our room. Because they are the only people she wants around her all she do is crying and now a days she will akws them to leave the room and she will cry the hole night.

I felt so guilty when she said She has asked about me and since they don't know what to told her they just keep quiet.

down on one of the branches and reaching out to her mind closing my eyes and clearing out my mind, block out every noise and lock with hers. I longing to hear something but it stops my mind

no heart beat because vampires do not have a heart beat but something strikes me very hard so hard that I lost my balance in the branch and falling down as I try to get myself straight but it was to late when


earsdorping fool, you better get your ass inside before I wake her up", Jacky told me in my

pissoff. How could she miss this, she should have known to give her something to prevent it from happening, she should have know she is a

rise up from the ground after letting my body heal but my back was some how a little sore. I

this from me huh", I mindlink her feeling the

you okay." she told me and blocking me out if her mind as

walk through the hall towards the stairs not care a damn if I

with you? I heard my mother ask seeing her running out of

young lady for shouting so loud. We ain't the only people in this

we ain't because there's another heart beat I have heard and you tell me, how did it happen you of all people should have known better, dear mother." i

shut up shut the hell up please", ...she


be sorry for being my child, I will not regret for what

went through with your mate which you suddenly remembered" "she

I can believe you" , I told her laughing

as I can't believe my eyes. I turn my back at them seeing different eyes orbs looking at

has been turn into a vampire by your son and you know I will not be so surprised if my Mate is pregnant by him", I told her seeing her eyes widen in shock as gaspe

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