Lucia POV

My mother pushed me away from the door like she knew what I was thinking about seeing brenda in front of me. For a moment I just couldn't stand  seeing her in front of me. I just wanted to ripped her head of for leaving me all alone to face my dreams my darkness memories.

I felt really sorry and guilty for the way I treated her but a few of me hate her. I sat down on my bed watching my mother went and switch on the lights feeling her stare at me.

I know what she thinks and I'm not in the mood right now. Tears prick out of my eyes feeling bad that I didn't hug her tightly close to me but I just couldn't. My mind was screaming to kill her for leaving me Drowning in my pain my fearfully moments.

When looking into her beautiful blue eyes my hole world stops for awhile, I swear I felt my heart beat for a moment a feeling I thought I would never feel anymore but here she was and she made me experience it again.

I have missed her so much I just wanted to grabbed her and give her a hug but I couldn't really, I couldn't, everything just flashed back the pain I went through when I needed her the most and she wasn't even here to help me.

I'm in this pain because of her, she was the one they wanted but I just couldn't understand why Jerome did it to me, what did I done to Him that he was so cruel to me. Is it because I was human and know I'm not any more. It felt like I was Drowning in a deep pool of dark waters.

I just couldn't remember everything when I wake up but something was different, my senses and my hearing was so strange. I could sense things from far and I could hear so many things at one time and so loudy. It made me worried.

I felt more stronger but what struck me really was my thirst I was really thirsty so much thirsty which I don't know where it came from. It shocked me that I was thirsty for something I really never dream of to drink I know brenda and her family were the only people drinking that but I have was craving it so much so many blood.

It was hard I couldn't control it but my mother in law helped me she was there for me through my painful change she help me to control my thirsty.

Sometimes I find it so strange when I look at mom and chrissy when they told me they were lock up in a safe place for me to get my thirst under control. So I didn't see them for almost a week.

Jacky and LJ was mostly with me and she brought me videos of mom and chrissy been in a room. I wipe my tears smiling at my beautiful mom sitting down in front of me with my hands in hers.

"It's okay darling", she told me, "wanna talk about it? she asked me.

My mind was all over the place the exactly reason I was out of my bed wasn't just because I felt and sens Joan at the door was because of the soft and best beautiful heart beat I heard and it was coming from my stomach. I just couldn't understand what it was and I was trying not think about it because mother Catherine told me she give me the morning after pile so what is this I'm hearing.

looking at me strangely seeing her eyes widen in shock as she look down to my stomach as she holds her hand

room she said and left us in blink if an eye. Mom look at me and then

looking at her. "Everything is okay mom", I told

and look back at still sitting down in the floor looking at me. "Can I

not all over the fact that I've been rape and

were conceived. "If that is what you want", she said

as you happy my baby", she told

told her as we both walk

won't be here to save you every time", she said as we walk down the stairs but

stop walking touching

her mother hearing this news I wanted her to be next to me but I don't know

the hand that lies on my stomach making me

so overprotective already about this thing. As I look down at my mind feeling very

sorry I didn't

", she stop me from saying anything, walking away from me leaving me

Mom please... I'm sorry ",I  said in a low voice she

my mother inlaw said

who it was. We will have to talk soon of any other time you not going to ignore me for every

me moan. It was her sweet vanilla breath that got my stuck as it flew right into my noise. My eyes got lost to her lips seeing her bit on her lower lipe giving me goosebumps all over my body but what got my attention was the trobbing down there it was trobbing

lost by the way she looked at me but this wasn't the time for this love dovey nonsense. So I push her away from and walk down the stairs hearing

said making me roll my eyes as I walk through the hall and passed the sit room and pass the room where Mr swartz held all his meetings straight

at her, why you following me? I asked her.

the door of the nursery room opens making

from the door for me to enter with Brenda

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